Responsible Tourism

We, at Jaipura Garh are very passionate at preserving items of intrinsic value to our heritage and so also, Nature. Various steps to promote responsible tourism have been undertaken at Jaipura like :
• Rain water harvesting and groundwater recharge systems have been constructed
• Use of locally produced earthenware
• Plastic is banned and all shopping is done in cloth bags
• Sourcing of locally grown vegetables, pulses and flour and milk
• We encourage the local villagers & artisans to provide their expertise to our guests for eg. mehndi or henna painting, pottery, farm visit, camel cart rides, astrology amongst others
• Use of LED bulbs which helps in conserving energy
• Although electric water geysers have been provided, the fact that they are strategically placed in the bathrooms enables us to save on water as hot water is immediately made available and taps are not left running for hot water to come from overhead heating solutions
• The district of Jaipur has water scarcity and hence no swimming pool has been provided
• The Owners ensured that local contractors and artisans were given employment during the restoration work and no child labour was involved.
• Tree plantation drives, CSR initiatives like construction of toilets
• We support ‘Freedom through Education’ project of Round Table India,
• House Rules apply.